Why Should You Care??? That's Why:

Every. Single. Piece. of Plastic. Ever Made. STILL EXISTS 

500 million plastic straws are used in US Daily. It Takes 200 years for a Single Straw to decompose 

About 2 Million Plastic Bags are used EVERY MINUTE worldwide. Each Plastic Bag takes about 20 years to decompose.

18 Billion pounds of Plastic waste flows into the ocean Every Year. 40% of it is packaging. 6 Pack Plastic Rings takes 400 years to decompose

File:How long until it's gone.jpg

US Shoppers use one Plastic Bag per DAY, Shoppers in Denmark use 4 per YEAR. We can do it, really

Americans purchase about 346 beverages in plastic bottles per person per year. One Plastic Bottle takes 450 years to decompose.

The Great Pacific Plastic Garbage Patch is bigger than Texas 

At this point in time, we consume on average 300 of plastic particles PER DAY through our food, water, and air supply. That amount is expected to raise dramatically.