About Us


My name is Tatyana, Welcome to BeLeaf Green.

I've been in food service for over 20 years and have witnessed firsthand waste and dependence on single use plastic: from cute tiny jam jars for your room service (that one opens and throws out), to a double (or even triple!) coffee cup instead of one holder sleeve, to tons of leftover/discarded food, and much more.  That is why I'm passionate about fighting plastic pollution and for reducing waste in general. 

I also have noticed how much people value convenience. There is very little that can be done to persuade majority of people to change their daily habits unless these habits are convenient and become a part of a routine. 

And that is why I've decided to create this store - to find Practical Products and make Snail Moves to reduce plastic consumption.

My family and I are striving for BeLeaf-Green to become an all in one destination shop for eco friendly products and ideas. We are new but full of ambitions!

Please join us on this journey