Pete and Oliver's Adventures. Day2

Hello, its me, Pete the turtle.

The most important thing happened today in my life: I met a friend! His name is Oliver and he is a seahorse. He is very smart and funny. We run into each other while I was exploring the ocean earlier. And we swam together all day.

Swimming is the most fascinating thing to do. Do you know how to swim and dive? You don’t? Oliver and I will teach you! It seems we are really good at it.

After an exhausting day of swimming, we slept underwater for the first time: cuddled in light pink weeds and a noise from the surface of the ocean woke me up. It was very light but comforting. First, I thought it was fish dancing but a jelly fish has told me it rained. It was the first rain in my life! Apparently, its just water coming from the sky! Im not sure why the ocean needs more water added to it but ill ask Oliver later.

Tomorrow we will explore a cave deep down on the bottom of the ocean but now im sleepy. Good night friends, ill see you tomorrow!

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