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Pete and Oliver's Adventures. Day 1

Hi there! My name is Pete; I was just born a little while ago on a beautiful Pacific Ocean beach.

 I’ve got to tell you – its been very exciting so far, there is so much here – sand, little pebbles, and the water, its so blue and clear – I want to dive right in! After spending 55 days in the egg, this world just hit me with its beauty! 

There is just one little question that im curious about – why am I different from my other siblings: we are all Green Sea Turtles, but I look slightly different from them – there is a beautiful clear material ring around my shell, im not sure what it’s for yet but I think it’s beautiful.  

My older brother said that I got the ring when hatching out of my egg. Maybe it’s a magic ring that will help me swing faster and dive deeper!

Oh Oh, this wave is going to cover me!!!! Mamaaaa

Peter and Oliver's Adventures Day2

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