Martini. Dirty

Bond. James Bond. Classic like Martini! 

Martini is made with Gin or Vodka. Vodka is my choice, preferably from Northern countries: Russia, Poland, Scandinavia - I find they are a bit "crispier" but hey, its your drink, use what you like!

Bond's recipe is quite simple: 6 parts vodka + 1 part vermouth + pimento stuffed olives. Mr Bond prefers its shaken but not stirred.

Here is a more defined recipe:

3 oz Vodka

1/2 oz vermouth 

Stuffed Olives

What makes martini dirty is addition of the olive brine/olive juice. It adds saltiness to this divine beverage and cloudy appearance. 

Fill shaker 3/4 with ice, add ingredients, shake and stir into martini glass, add olives. 

What you need:

a shaker

martini glass

reusable straw (you can find one that fits martini glass here:


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