Increase Your Veggie Intake with Bloody Mary!

A Brunch Staple, a Classic, Fiber-filled Bloody Mary

It goes great with so many meals: from steaks to Caesar Salad; from Hamburgers to Shrimp Cocktails. And its equally delicious in its Virgin non-alcoholic version!

In a Shaker, combine the ingredients:

2 oz Vodka  - skip this one for a Virgin Non-Alcoholic Version

4 oz Tomato Juice or V8 Juice for hitting that veggie eating targets :)

2  dashes Hot Sauce

2 dashes Worcestershire Sauce

Few Cubes of Ice

Black Pepper - I also sprinkle some of it on top when the cocktail is poured into a glass

Great Reusable Straw! Like this one with great design!


2 tsp Horseradish

pinch Celery Salt - for rimming the glass if desired

Lemon or Lime Wedges

Celery Stalk




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