A Piece of Bread

All right, its not about plastic but it is about our consumption of resources.

I was raised in a house with my grandparents who survived WWII and thus had a scarcity mindset. There were always stashes of sugar, flour, dry cereals, etc. For a rainy day, my Grandma said. She should know, she lived through hungry  years of the war. 

I remember vividly that story of a piece of bread my Grandpa told me: Im about 7 years old, sitting at the kitchen table and trying to finish a meal, unsuccessfully of course. So I start playing with a piece of bread and throw it on the floor. My Grandpa lookes at me very seriously, which was not like him at all (i was his favorite!) and says - Never ever play with bread! I said - What's the big deal, its just a piece of bread! He calmly started asking me:

-where did I think that piece of bread came from?

- well, the store

- ok, did someone ring you at the register? did someone put it out on the shelf? 

- well, yes, the cashier and the stock clerk

- how did it get to the store?

- driver brought to the store!

- ok, from where?

- from the bakery, of course

- did a baker make the bread, did he have to get up before the dawn to make it so you have it for breakfast?

- i guess... 

- what was the bread made of?

- flour.. 

- where did the flour come from?

- dont know.... 

- flour came from the mill, where it was milled from wheat. The wheat was brought off the farm where it had to be planted, taken care of, and harvested. And before any of that could happen, the soil had to be prepared and fertilized.

He said - think how many people had to work very, very hard to get you this piece of bread - from the farmer to the driver, from the baker to the cashier, and everyone in between. Do not ever throw on the floor what was a product of hard labor and love of so many people! 

Since then, when I look at a piece of bread, I see the baker, I see the farmer, I see the driver and the store clerk. 

Now, I also start to see all resources that had to contribute to that process - lots of fuel for farm machinery, fuel for driving, fertilizers, power for bakery, all other ingredients and resources that went into a piece of bread. All of that is wasted when its thrown out.  

I never threw away a piece of bread ever since... Thank you, Grandpa 

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